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Thai massages from native Thai masseuses

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Our mission is to provide unique and original healing techniques of Thai massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) Northern style from professional and certified masseuses from Thailand. We try to help people from physical and mental health problems.

Come and experience the beneficial effects of the original (Siamese) Ayurvedic medicine and get rid of back and neck pain and restore your mental balance. Thai massage uses pressure techniques to focus on the whole body, with the greatest effect concentrated on the muscles of the back and cervical spine, legs, joints and feet, because these parts of the body are most stressed in the current lifestyle.


Traditional Thai massage

Thai oil massage

Relax aroma oil massage

Pregnancy massage

Thai peeling

Hot oil massage

Thai herbal massage

Lava stones massage

Royal thai massage

Back massage

Head, neck and shoulders massage

Thai foot massage

Welcome to LANNA K.

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