Back Massage

It doesn’t matter if you have a sedentary job, you are active and not afraid of any physical challenge. It doesn’t even matter your age. Back pain can happen to anyone. And once it comes, we realize how important a healthy back is to our well-being. Pain can limit us considerably even in everyday activities. Thai massage can quickly put a stop to it, and even better, it can prevent pain. A flexible and straight back without pain and blocks is a great relaxation that you can indulge in every week. For the rewards, for your health and for your sense of well-being.

Thai back massage is specific for its comprehensive therapeutic approach to eliminate pain in the lumbar and gluteal spine, back and shoulders. This treatment combines traditional Thai massage techniques with the use of special herbal ointments. This creates an effective way to relax the muscles and achieve total relaxation. The combination of pressure techniques and special focus on acupressure points gradually unblocks the spine and joints, bringing pain relief and improving mobility. This massage brings physical relief, but also harmonizes the energy in the body. The therapist works with the energy in the meridians and acupressure points, which has a positive effect on the energy flow throughout the body. This contributes not only to muscle relaxation, but also to overall mental calming and stress relief. The special herbal ointments used in this massage have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties that help in the healing process of the muscle tissues.

Thai back massage is not only a way to get rid of acute pain, but also a preventive measure to maintain optimal back and spine health. Regular massage can help prevent muscle pain, tension and spinal problems. And of course, it also harmonizes the complete body-mind setup. The ideal duration of a massage is 60 minutes.