Lava Stones Massage

Why try a lava stone massage? There are many reasons and they all have a pleasant impact on your body and mind. The temperature of the lava stones promotes the dissolution of muscle tension, improves blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system. This massage treatment also helps to reduce stress, improve sleep and promote overall psychological well-being. It helps to relax and harmonize the body and mind. The ideal time for a massage is, for example, the cold autumn or winter season, when it effectively helps the body to combat colds and cramps.

The massage begins with the preparation of smooth lava stones, which are heated to 50-60 °C. These are then applied to problem areas of the body such as the spine, shoulders and legs. The temperature of the stones is, of course, carefully controlled to give an optimal heat sensation without unpleasant burning.

Lava stones have the ability to release deep muscle tension and help remove energy blockages in the body. The combination of heat and pressure from the stones provides intense relaxation that penetrates deep into the muscles to promote muscle recovery. The treatment continues with traditional Thai massage techniques using special essential oils combined with targeted application of heated lava stones. The body is massaged, stretched and relaxed.  The emphasis is on removing tension and improving flexibility. This is a very gentle form of massage that is suitable for those just starting out with Thai massage.

Lava stone massage also has detoxifying effects as the heat helps to open the pores and remove toxins from the body. This massage has a great effect on our physical condition, restores inner balance, relieves stress and helps to create an overall sense of calm.

Lava stone massage is not suitable for cardiac patients, pregnant women and patients suffering from varicose veins.  If necessary, the suitability of the massage should be consulted with the attending physician.