Pregnancy Massage

The period of pregnancy should be beautiful and calm. However, many future mothers are accompanied at this time by unpleasantness associated with nausea, back pain, hip pain, swelling of the legs or migraines. Since most of the available medications are not recommended during pregnancy, there are few options left to relieve the discomfort. A Thai massage for pregnancy is therefore ideal. It targets exactly these problems and can bring about a pleasant feeling of harmony and inner peace.

It is composed of special elements, precisely to provide relief from pregnancy difficulties and improve the overall well-being of future mothers. It combines traditional Thai massage techniques with the needs of the pregnant woman in mind. It respects the sensitive condition and brings physical, emotional and psychological relief.

The massage is mainly performed on the back and hips. Stretching the muscles and joints is also an important element of the massage. This is mainly to keep the muscles flexible, improve mobility and prepare the body for childbirth. Acupressure points are stimulated to help release muscle tension and improve blood circulation. These techniques are effective in reducing back pain, limb swelling and general fatigue associated with pregnancy. Massage also promotes the psychological well-being of pregnant women, a key aspect for the overall health of both mother and baby.

During the massage, special essential oils are used, which are carefully selected for safety and non-irritation for pregnant women. These oils not only promote relaxation but also have therapeutic effects. For example, lavender can help calm the nervous system, while citrus oils can add refreshment and invigoration.

Pregnancy massage is suitable for women from the 3rd month of pregnancy until the time of expected delivery. The frequency of repetition is related to the individual condition and needs, which are different for each mom-to-be.