Hot Oil Massage

Do you need to warm up, relax and recharge your batteries? Have you been feeling a little tired, overly tired and in a bad mood for a long time? Try a Thai hot oil massage. This is a gentle treatment that is dedicated to carefully massaging the upper and lower limbs, back, hips, neck and head and face. It is gentler than a traditional Thai massage but is based on similar techniques. It can guarantee perfect relaxation of stiff joints and muscles and stretch the spine and limbs.

The massage begins with a massage of the lower limbs, when the masseur systematically relaxes the muscles and joints. The warmth of the oil penetrates the skin, increases the elasticity of the muscles and relieves tension. The stretching and relaxation of the individual fingers at the end of this part of the massage brings physical relief.  It can also harmonize the flow of energy in the body. This is followed by a back massage. The heat of the oil penetrates deeper into the tissues, this helps to loosen muscle tensions, improve blood flow and remove accumulated stress. Then, without the use of oil, the massage focuses on the head and face. It helps to release tension in the facial muscles, stimulate acupressure points and promote mental well-being. The combination of pressure and heat brings relaxation, revitalizes the mind and improves overall well-being.

Hot oil massage has many benefits for the skin. Warm oil increases blood flow, which promotes better nourishment and hydration of the skin. The essences contained in the massage oil have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, protecting the skin from free radicals and promoting skin regeneration.

You can choose from several scents of oil. Lavender, eucalyptus, floral or citrus. A well-chosen aroma helps to calm the nervous system, improve mood and bring an overall sense of well-being. You inhale the aroma during the massage and also absorb it through your skin, which has a positive effect on your mental state.