Thai Peeling

Do you want to feel good in every way? In that case, it is not enough just to pay attention to the diet and the right food for the soul. We also need to take care of our body in a balanced way. It is a necessity that leads to a balanced lifestyle. In order to feel truly harmonized, one needs to take care of the inner and outer aspects.

Give your body real care both inside and out. In summer, we expose our skin to sun, wind and water and there’s not much time for over-care. In the winter, we dress our bodies in sweaters and sweatshirts and struggle with a generally drier skin and indoor air. It would almost seem that there is never a good time for the skin. But it isn’t. It just needs to be given exactly what it needs at the right time. The condition of our skin also has an impact on our psyche and health. So take the time to take care of it too. It can even be a nice prelude to the next massage you choose.

The Thai peeling effectively removes old and dry skin and with it also hard and dead cells. The pores are thoroughly cleaned and the skin feels as if it can finally breathe again. The skin will be supple, youthful and vital with much needed elasticity. A well and sensitively done peel helps to activate the microcirculation of the subcutaneous system, improving blood circulation and consequently promoting oxygenation and detoxification of the body. You will leave with a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. And your mind will feel similarly full of optimism and vitality.

We offer high-quality moisturizing scrubs containing Dead Sea salt. You can choose from four types, each suitable for specific skin needs. After the treatment, you can enjoy glowing skin, physical relaxation and peace of mind. Exactly what we miss during our everyday worries.